Launching in lockdown. Welcome to E5 Interactive.

Launching in lockdown. Welcome to E5 Interactive.

Created by Lee Ali and Mike Pye, E5 Interactive is a sales and marketing consultancy and technology business, bringing a new methodology  “assessment based marketing” to service and consultancy businesses internationally.

Mike recalled, “The idea for E5 Interactive was inspired by lockdown.  Working in the sales and marketing sectors, both Lee and I were impacted by the current crises. Having worked together for the last four years, (Mike provided marketing consultancy to Lee’s business Expo Stars) we got our heads together to try and find a creative solution to the challenges we know a lot our our clients face. “

We saw a massive gap in the market to help professional service businesses demonstrate their expertise and set their businesses apart. We’ve both been working in the sales and marketing industry for years, running successful businesses in our own right.

Lee is a serial entrepreneur who has created a successful business, Expo Stars, helping clients, generate sales and leads through trade shows and live marketing events across the world for over a decade.

Mike has worked in marketing for nearly 14 years, both agency side, and client side to strategic level. Before starting his own business at the end of 2015 and specialising in working with consultancy and service based businesses, helping them differentiate and attract leads.

Over the last two decades, Lee and Mike have worked with an array of professional service based businesses who struggle to differentiate their business, demonstrate their value and drive highly qualified leads.

Lee explained, “Consultancy businesses, such as accountants, HR consultants, recruitment, marketing or learning and development, often struggle to differentiate in a very crowded market. In all of those sectors, businesses offer very comparable services and have similar backgrounds. They are all professional. They are all highly educated, and they are all offering very similar products and services.

As a result, differentiation is a challenge often leading to prospects making a decision purely on price rather than the value they will receive. Businesses in these sectors also often struggle to qualify the right kind of customers, leading to wasted time speaking to the wrong prospects and an inefficient sales and marketing process.”

Mike continued, “Assessment based marketing solves that challenge. It enables businesses to demonstrate their expertise and offer real tangible value whilst helping the business to learn more about their prospects and customers. It opens the door to proactive and highly valuable conversations with prospects, who are already pre sold and understand the businesses value.

We saw a big gap in the market to help service based businesses really differentiate and improve their lead generation process. E5 Evaluate helps clients, generate leads and qualify them, whilst educating them, helping them solves challenges and uniquely positioning your value. It is a tool that can be used both online and in traditional marketing settings.  It’s a powerful lead magnet for websites but also an incredible tool to engage prospects at live marketing events such as trade shows and exhibitions, seminars  or conferences or webinars. Assessment based marketing helps too facilitate powerful conversations with prospects, engage them and get them bought into the way that you do business by offering real value.”

The business has big ambitions and a solid business plan to help us grow sustainably but significantly over the next 12 months and into the future.

To learn more about E5 Interactive and our assessment based marketing tool, E5 Evaluate book a discovery call.