Work smarter, not harder in your next sales conversation

Work smarter, not harder in your next sales conversation

How long do you spend following up with prospects, asking them the same questions to understand whether they are the right fit for your business, or whether you can help them? Do you feel like you’re constantly having to justify your prices or fight to get the information you need to create a viable proposal?

Assessment based marketing helps businesses demonstrate their value, generate leads and qualify them in a quick, simple and unobtrusive app. In simple terms, customers take a short, interactive and engaging survey based assessment. The assessment guides them through answering a series of questions and presents to them a bespoke report based on their answers, giving them tailored advice and solutions to their challenges.

Assessment based marketing empowers you to help your customers and prospects overcome the specific challenges that they are facing, whilst enabling you to generate highly valuable marketing intelligence about your target market. This intelligence can be used in to shape the conversations you have, the content you create, the marketing strategies you design and the overarching positioning of your business. Ultimately, this powerful data will help you improve the number and quality of the prospects you convert. It’s a effective approach to help you generate leads, engage your prospects, nurture them and stimulate conversations.

There are many ways in which assessment based marketing can improve your sales and marketing performance, here’s a snapshot.

Qualifying and converting leads after an event

Imagine you are delivering a seminar, or webinar to multiple people, or perhaps exhibited at a trade show and captured dozens of leads. It’s incredibly time consuming and labour intensive to follow up with each and every attendee after it is completed.

Each phone call may take 30 minutes to an hour. And if there’s 10 to 20 people, it’s likely to take between 10 and 20 hours to follow each prospect up effectively. You’ll be speaking to each person without a clear understanding of whether they have the potential to do business with you, asking them the same questions to understand their needs and qualify them. AND the conversation isn’t going to be particularly engaging to the prospect, they need to get something out of it too.

Imagine if you could understand their needs and challenges before you have to make that phone call to qualify them so you can have a truly valuable conversation. Assessment based marketing helps you do that.

After you’ve delivered some valuable content at your webinar or event, encourage your delegates to take an assessment. It should be a no briner for them. Taking 10 minutes to answers some questions will give them a report that helps them with all their specific challenges.

That assessment will help you:

  • Understand if the delegates understood the content that you’ve delivered
  • Gather more information about their business and their challenges
  • Learn valuable information about where they are in the buying cycle
  • Identify the pains you could help them eliminate

Customise your sales strategy

You could use this information to help inform your sales strategy. It will help you focus your sales conversations on how you can help them with the challenges they described to YOU. You can ensure that you facilitate the conversation to help position your business as the only viable option to solve their unique challenges. After all, you are the only business who will have really delved in-depth to find out the problems that they are facing.

Generate an emotional bond

Use this intelligence to generate a strong emotional bond with your prospect. Understanding their unique challenges means that you can create empathy with them. You can understand the pain that they are facing, put yourself in their shoes and speak their language. You’ll create a bond that others are unlikely to be able to find. This isn’t manipulation, this is purely a means to help you generate a real connection with your customers and prospects.

Do you really understand your customers and prospects? Do you know how to facilitate meaningful conversations? When you speak to potential customers, are you desperately trying to sell your products and services, or are you taking the time to understand the pains that they’re feeling to be able to generate a real powerful connection?

Assessment based marketing helps you generate truly valuable conversations.

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