E5 Interactive are an international consultancy business based in Manchester, UK.

Our vision is to help our clients bridge the gap between sales and marketing and create valuable and meaningful connections with their customers and prospects.

With decades of combined experience in the fields of sales and marketing, running our own successful consultancy businesses and advising our clients, we’ve learned that rapid business growth only occurs when sales and marketing are truly aligned. We’ve identified five core factors that provide the foundations for powerful campaigns, they’re the inspiration for our name and routed in everything we do.

Our five E’s of profitable sales and marketing campaigns

  1. End Game
    • All sales and marketing strategies should be focussed on achieving a defined result.
  1. Emotion
    • Emotion drives reason more than reason drives emotion (Dan Hill, Emotionomics, 2007). Stimulating an emotional response is the key to creating impactful and lasting customer relationships.
  1. Empathy
    • To truly understand our customers emotions, we need empathy. Empathy has the power to open the door to meaningful conversations and help you gain a clear picture of their world view.
  1. Education
    • Great marketing is rooted in education, helping your customers find solutions to their challenges, building trust whilst positioning you as a thought leader.
  1. Energy
    • Powerful marketing creates inspiration sparks and moments of clarity. Energy in sales and marketing builds momentum with your team and empowers business growth.

Our Founders

Lee Ali

Lee Ali

Lee is Founder and MD of multi award winning global exhibition engagement company, Expo Stars Interactive. A business owner with over 13 years in business, a specialist in sales and live marketing, business coach and mentor for the Business Growth Hub in Manchester, helping up and coming entrepreneurs and small business owners to fully realise their potential.

Mike Pye

Mike brings over 13 years of marketing and digital strategy to the table. He’s an experienced all-round marketeer with an inbound and content marketing bias.

Working both agency and client side to strategic level, Mike established Mike Pye + Co, a marketing consultancy business in 2015, helping fast growth b2b service businesses achieve rapid growth through bespoke strategies and campaigns.